Case studies

Here are some examples of work we have done for our clients in the past few years

Customer contact research

Our client wanted to optimise their use of technology at customer contact points in order to deliver a better service and improve business efficiency. Given the complexity of the business objectives, we spent a considerable time talking to key stakeholders to understand the relevant business and technological opportunities and constraints. Quantitative and qualitative research was then conducted among customers with a focus on key subgroups. We delivered several project debriefs, each focusing on a different business area. These were followed by a workshop bringing all key stakeholders together to develop an overall strategy for the business.

Our research has given long term direction for the client, as well as identifying several ‘quick wins’. These quick wins alone have already delivered significant efficiencies to the business which far outweigh the cost of the research.

Current account consideration

Our client wanted an insight into what motivated people to switch their Current Account provider and the key points that would drive consideration. It would have been simple to just look at the superficial incentives to move and the barriers that put people off, but we felt this highly unlikely to provide our client with anything new. By carefully considering the research approach and using our expertise in implementation and analysis, we managed to identify a number of underlying issues that drive consumer behavior, but which are rarely articulated by consumers.

Identifying the right audience for the research was crucial We targeted key sub-groups with whatever the most appropriate research method was. This included qualitative group discussions, telephone depth interviews, quantitative phone interviews and staff interviews.

Pulling the elements together allowed us to build an all-round 360° view of the market. The research identified the business potential of a number of alternative switcher propositions and our conclusions drove the communication strategy in terms of timing, media channel, headline message, secondary messages and tone of voice.

Financial services advice

Our client wanted a better understanding of the term ‘advice’- what it meant to consumers, the circumstances under which they required advice and the way they’d like it delivered.

Given the relevance of regulatory issues to this project, an in-depth understanding of the financial services market was essential. We undertook qualitative group discussions (face-to-face and online), quantitative consumer research (online and by phone) and depth interviews with people in the market for specific financial products. Tight internal client deadlines meant that we adopted a flexible approach to reporting, feeding back our findings on a daily basis. As a result, timings that had originally seemed nigh on impossible to meet were met with time to spare. We identified key issues with our client’s current sales models, linked consumer needs to their existing customer segmentation and gave clear guidance on how, when and if they needed to address regulatory issues.

Cultural Benchmarking Research

Conducted on behalf of a global insurer, an assessment of how cultural differences affect consumer behavioural and attitudinal measures.

Quantitative research conducted with consumers across a number of markets. Analysis used to help explain market variation on key business performance indicators.

Employee Benefit Research

Conducted across several Asian countries on behalf of an insurance provider, to identify future product and servicing opportunities for our client.

Qualitative interviews with key business partners and quantitative research with EB decision-makers and employees, to assess current experience, product/ service gaps and future intentions.

Monitoring adherence to FCA’s TCF outcomes

An ongoing programme assessing product and service suitability against TCF outcomes, conducted for UK retail bank.

Qualitative and quantitative research conducted to evaluate customer experience and understanding across product lifecycles.

Product development for online needs assessment tool

Conducted on behalf of a life insurance provider, to test and develop an online prototype designed to help consumers identify protection gaps and potential product needs.

Qualitative research as part of proof of concept testing ahead of service launch.


Their understanding of our business and the insightfulness of their presentation was excellent...They communicated well, kept us informed at all stages and delivered to budget and within the timeline. We would definitely recommend them.